About us

The Youth for Purpose Canada (YFPC) is a not-for-profit organization centered on youth development and community-building.

YFPC was incorporated on December 7th, 2020 with incorporation number 12551225. The Business Number of the organization with the CRA is 795753946 RC0001.The organization was established in 2020 to empower future leaders by providing quality programs and activities in the Finch/Islington community in North York, Ontario, and beyond.

Our interactive programs aim to meet the care needs of less privileged, new immigrants, refugees, women, vulnerable youths, and young adults and their families in Canada with developmental needs and other abilities. Additionally, YFPC serves a variety of target audiences, including seniors, single mothers, and members of the Black community.

As part of our core values, we are committed to the prevention of poverty alleviation, addiction, human rights, gender equality, youth empowerment and rights, the establishment of a new immigrant and community center, climate change, and environmental heritage. Our policy is to provide services to everyone regardless of age, color, disability, gender expression and identity, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

We partner with non-governmental organizations dedicated to youth empowerment, women’s rights, climate change, poverty alleviation, food banks, new immigrants, black communities, minority groups, and sustainable development.

We are an organization committed to serving all youth regardless of age, color, disability, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Our programs are structured to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable to all participants and to help remove barriers to participation.

We have opened a new branch in Montreal to provide equal services to neglected immigrants and the less privileged black community. 


Inspire youth to set goals and overcome barriers to achieve the dreams they have set for themselves.


By providing equal opportunities for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. We will help guide them in order to transform their lives. 

Our Aim

To support and empower the youths, women, and a variety of target audiences in accessing resources that will enable them to transform their self-concept along the theme of their beliefs, identity, values, and cultural backgrounds

Our Objectives

We provide:

  • Structured programs and activities that address support youths in resolving their addiction problems.
  • Educational, cultural, recreational, and social activities under supervised conditions.
  • Education that provides adequate information on youth’s rights, women’s rights, and sustainable development.
  • Provision of food and financial education that relieves and alleviates poverty.


Our Values


With clear cut goals we are aligned with our stakeholders, partners and the youth we serve to be mutually accountable.


Our team at YFPC, along with supporters and community members, believe that positive change is possible in the lives of the youth we serve. We are all working towards the same objective of helping youth to reach the goals they have set for themselves.


We are committed to working with a variety of individuals from many diverse cultural backgrounds and seek to further equality through educating our youth and communities.


Our focus is on offering value through long-term life change to positively impact youth. To ensure organization longevity, we believe in working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, community members and youth.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteering is an integral part of our organization and we would love to have you join us to share your talents with our team and the youth we serve.

Please click on the CONTACT link and share your information with us.