Our Impact

Youth Empowerment Centre

We offer youth suffering from substance abuse, addictions and mental health issues a place where they can receive structured programming directed toward resolving some of the issues they face.

We have a multi-use facility for the Finch/Islington community in North York, Ontario.

We offer a drop-in youth centre to remove barriers faced by disadvantaged youth to seek assistance with education and recreation in a culturally appropriate setting. Our staff are trained in conflict resolution, mental health awareness and social justice, in order that they provide a safe and welcoming facility to all who come. 

Community Center

At the Centre for Newcomers, we are dedicated to helping new immigrants to Canada of all nationalities, ages, races and gender identities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Canada is known for its positive welcoming of refugees and immigrants and we invite you to be part of welcoming new people to the community. 

In addition, if you are new to the GTA, we can assist you with becoming established in Canada. Please click on the CONTACT page and let us know how we can help you  

  • Information about a wide variety of city, transportation.
  • Information about English Language assessment and accessing English Language classes.
  • Career and job preparation.
  • Helping newcomers with free immigration services such as a refuge work permit, and referral to other free government services
  • Resume writing
  • Accessing children’s schools.
  • Getting an apartment or house to rent.
  • Accessing government support programs for the minority group.
  • Food banks.
  • Clothing (including winter clothing), free furniture for the less privileged.
  • And any other questions or services. 

Conclusively, we work with the wider community at schools, health centers, immigration departments, and job assistance for newcomers in the community.

Vocational Training and Advocacy

We run short-time vocational training and empowerment programs such as;

YFPC advocacy programs and activities focuses on rendering help and supporting vulnerable individuals regardless of age, color, disability, race, religion and sexual orientation. We cover topics on;

  • Climate Change,
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Preservation,
  • Peace and Security,
  • Dignity and Equality,
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian,
  • Health and Well-being,
  • Leadership and Cultural Programs,
  • Educational Planning, and Student Aids,
  • Volunteering and Community involvement,
  • Children and Women’s rights,
  • New Immigrant and Refugee Resettlement,
  • Anti-Racism,
  • Poverty Reduction.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteering is the integral core of our success stories. Holding hands in the spirit of team work, deliberate effort and passionate discharge of duties. You can volunteer in areas of interests such as research, editing, events, finance and human resources. We are always happy to welcome you anytime.