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The Board of directors is the governing board of the organization. Each member has personal, legal, and financial responsibilities. Board members are volunteers and are expected to attend meetings, make financial decisions, fundraise and promote the organization to the public. The Board makes final decisions on the overall direction of the organization of Directors.


Youth For Purpose Canada’s administration includes everyone helping to run the organization’s programs and fundraising efforts. The primary role in a non-profit’s administration is the executive director/chief executive officer. This role is responsible for overseeing all administration and program staff. The Executive Director develops the organization’s strategic plan and budget and regularly reports directly to the board.

Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer – Elisha Ayantokun


The professionals who work directly with our non-profit to achieve its mission are part of this area.  Fundraising, Human resources, marketing, volunteers, and other staff who work directly with beneficiaries and donors will fall under programs on our organizational chart.

Ruth Ayantokun


Oluwafunmilola Ayantokun is the Chairperson of Youth for Purpose Canada. She has been working as a youth mentor and trainer for more than nineteen years. She holds Bachelor's degree in accounting and further obtain a diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is so passionate about impacting lives and helping the sufferings of disadvantaged seniors, youth, and children. She is currently working as a personal support worker with Comfort Keepers Canada.

Elisha Ayantokun

Executive Director

In addition to serving as Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church Mount Bethel, Elisha Ayantokun is also the Executive Director of Youth for Purpose Canada. He is also a motivational speaker, counselor, and missionary. He has close to three decades of work experience with youths and the youth ministry has given him the opportunity and passion to mentor thousands of youths across the globe. Furthermore, he is a versatile, talented, and qualified youth service worker. He holds a Nigeria Certificate in Accounting Education, a Bachelor of Religious Education, a Diploma in Missions, a Master’s degree in Bible and Theology, a Diploma in Medical Office Administration, a Diploma in Immigration Consultant and Diploma in Personal Support Worker.

Omolayo Olusegun

Human Resources Director

Omolayo Olusegun is also member of board of director and the head of human resources at Youth for Purpose Canada. She is a caregiver in a long-term care facility and she loves to work with people especially vulnerable ones such as women, children, and youths because she sees it as a service to God. She did work as a volunteer at YMCA Montreal, Quebec between 2017 to 2018 before relocating to Ontario.

Ayobola Akanni

Volunteer Manager and Secretary

Dr Titilope Ogunlade

Development Director

Dr Titilope Ogunlade has been the main stakeholder and Program Officer with International Non-Donor Agencies such as ICAP, USAID, PEPFAR and KNCV to help curb and eradicate the scourge of HIV/AIDS and TB in communities with the high prevalence rates of morbidly and mortality. She has worked in the private hospitals giving care to all kinds of clients. Having graduated as a Medical Doctor she went further to obtain a Master in Health Mgt all in Nigeria. Presently in Canada, she holds a DEP, PSW PDSB, HCW, and CPR Certification to work as a Caregiver in the Public and Private Health Sector. She's so passionate and caring about impacting lives and helping the sufferings of the disadvantaged and high-risk priority groups. Currently, she serves as the development director and the anchor of the Women Rescue Initiative at Youth for purpose Canada.

Seun Aribilola

Projects/ Programs Director/ Treasurer

A farmer, investment analyst, and social entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Praxis Farms in Windsor Essex, specializing in the production of Afro- Caribbean vegetables and tuber crops in Canada - an initiative that was envisioned to combat food insecurity among African communities living in Canada. He is a passionate youth leader with over twenty years of work experience in different youth organizations and currently, he serves as the projects and programs director at Youth for Purpose Canada.

Zacchaeus Somorin

Research and Media/Publicity Director

Adedoja Durojaye

Immigration Legal Support Staff.

Sherifat Mustapha

Children and Women Initiative Manager

She is a certified personal support worker and addiction support worker having a lot of experience in community service. Moreover, as a certified addiction and community worker, she focuses on addiction treatment among immigrant boys, girls, and women. She holds a Diploma in addiction recovery support for youth and families. Serving at Youth for Purpose Canada as Children and Women Initiative Manager.

Ajeh Dale

Women Rescue Initiative volunteer

She is the Chief Executive Officer/Founder of African Women on Mission. She holds a Bachelor of Community Mental Health and has worked with clients of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. She has received recognition for her excellent interpersonal and communication abilities working as a Support Worker, Crisis Intervention Worker, Social Service Worker, and volunteers at the Women Rescue Initiative of Youth for Purpose Canada.

Ayokunle Laleye

Financial Record Volunteer

Ayokunle Laleye is a seasoned financial professional with over fifteen years of experience in the Finance and Banking sectors. He possesses great experience working and also volunteering in many NGOs organization. Presently works as the Chief Accountant for Gem Kids Scarborough Canada. Also serves as a financial record volunteer at Youth for Purpose Canada.

Ayobami Popoola

Youth Innovation and Research Volunteer

Ayo Popoola is a seasoned Banker, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), and a certified IT service manager (ITIL). He has passionately and successfully mentored hundreds of Youths spread across the globe with over 20 years of experience working in the Youth ministry. He holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration and a Masters’ degree in Food Science and Technology. Currently, youth innovation and research volunteer at Youth for Purpose Canada.

Julianah Famurewa

(Managing Director, Barrister and Solicitor, Notary Public) JOOFAM Law and volunteer at community service of Youth for Purpose Canada.

Simon Deek

(MANAGING DIRECTOR, RCIC) Woodhaven Immigration Services and volunteer at community service of Youth for Purpose Canada.

Dorcas Osakwe

A Human Rights Advocate. York University Graduate of Human Rights and Equity Studies Certified Human Rights Consultant with US Institute for Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR). Currently serving as an advocate for child and youth development at Youth for Purpose Canada.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteering is the integral core of our success stories. Holding hands in the spirit of team work, deliberate effort and passionate discharge of duties. You can volunteer in areas of interests such as research, editing, events, finance and human resources. We are always happy to welcome you anytime.